Frequently Asked Questions

  • I see your prices are for UK shipping only, do you have prices to ship to Europe and the USA? – Yes we can provide a price list for European and USA shipping of posters, and we can ship to any world wide destination. Please contact us with the number of sized posters you require and your location and we will organise the rest.


  • Size options? – The posters are printed extra large to ensure the acute anatomical definition can be seen at a larger size and labelling is easy to read. We can provide posters at any size, however, please contact us with the sizes and quantities you need.


  • Quality assurance? – We only use the very best medical artists that are trained in anatomy to produce the medical art. We partner with a specialist large format professional printers to get the exceptional high quality results that make these posters so desirable for people to have in their consulting rooms, visitor areas and classrooms. The print is photo quality with a depth of colour with inks guaranteed to last many years. The paper quality is 350gsm, so durable strong and long lasting.


  • Postage & Packaging process? – To ensure the posters get to you in perfect condition we use large diameter postal tubes to minimise how tightly the posters have to be rolled. We simply take your address and we then administrate the whole process from start to finish. If any damage occurs in transit we will replace the poster F.O.C.


  • Can you create posters to a bespoke order? Yes, we can. We use professionally trained medical artists to create all our posters so we can create posters with your choice of anatomical content.


  • Can you make the posters brand specific? Yes we can. We are all about meeting your needs. With professional medical artists we are very experienced at creating illustration content to order using brand specific colours, brand posters with company logos and create very special looking posters direct for our customers.


  • What content can we have in our posters? – We can create endless content variations. We have artists that can create to order, we draw original artwork and finish as beautiful full colour realism illustrations, of anatomical content, animal and animal anatomy, natural world and scientific subjects. Just contact us with your ideas, we will help you bring them to life!


  • Do you have a variety of other medical art posters? Yes, we do! and whilst we may not have them on show here right now, we do have alternative medical art posters to buy, please contact us here with your enquiry.