Available to buy – Our iBook on Baby Development and Pregnancy

Available to buy – Our iBook on Baby Development and Pregnancy

You & Your Growing Baby: A Week by Week Pregnancy Guide


You & Your Growing Baby: A Week by Week Pregnancy Guide.Why we Produced the iBook

Christine Just is a nurse-midwife who has been using our  fetal development illustrations for her work as a certified nurse-midwife both in educational and clinical roles based in the USA.

Through getting to know Christine we decided we would work together to produce an iBook on pregnancy and fetal development as Christine had the expertise of having already written many articles on prenatal and postpartem care and we had the existing medical illustrations that would support Chris’ written content and provide the visual element for the book. The book is available to purchase from iTunes.

You and Your Growing Baby – For Sale on iTunes

We are very proud of our achievement together and the book is called  Your Growing Baby: A Week by Week Pregnancy Guide. The book is an illustrated and written account of the astonishing changes in the womb and in the lives of expecting parents. Available to buy on iTunes the book is for expectant mothers who want to learn and see in wonderful detail the development of the foetus as it develops inside the womb. Christine has included a ‘Quick Tips’ and ‘Did you Know’ section for every week as well as being packed full of dietary guides to anatomy information.

The Books Content

You and Your Growing Baby Accompanied by the beautifully crafted color illustrations, this book details the amazing facts of your baby’s life from fertilization of the egg through each stage of development right up until birth, including the beginning of the heartbeat, the appearance of the buds that will grow into arms and legs, the development of facial features, the determination of your baby’s sex and more.  You will also learn about maternal changes experienced during pregnancy, special considerations for expecting dads and partners and professional recommendations for optimal prenatal health and wellness.  Created by a certified nurse-midwife and a medical illustrator, this book combines art and science to enlighten expecting parents in a unique, transformational and engaging way as they embark on the journey of pregnancy and parenthood.

About the Author:

Chris Just

Christine Just

Chris Just, RN, MSN, CNM is a certified nurse-midwife in the USA with over 20 years of maternity care experience in both educational and clinical roles. She has created numerous perinatal programs for expecting families, educators and nurses including online and digital education.

Chris has also produced over 200 articles on evidence-based prenatal and postpartum content and has developed over 20 webinars with key local & national healthcare experts. She also serves as board member of Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies Coalition of Massachusetts and co-chair of the Education Committee for the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing (AWHONN), MA Chapter.

About the Illustrator:


Joanna Culley

Joanna Culley, BA(Hons), MMAA, MIMI is a UK based certified medical artist specialising in the drawing of human anatomy and illustrating content of the scientific world. Joanna works as a medical artist running her UK based studio Medical-Artist.com providing visual communications and animations within the science fields. Joanna’s aim is to create beautiful yet very accurate medical illustrations that are used to help educate and engage the viewer to help their understanding of anatomy and the human body.

Joanna is a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators, Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain, The Institute of Medical Illustrators, The Academy of Healthcare Sciences.

How to Buy the Pregnancy Guide Book

Your Growing Baby: A Week by Week Pregnancy Guide is available for the iPad, Android and Kindle. This is an exceptional book and guide for parents who want to understand pregnancy changes and their baby’s development.