Bringing science to life with medical art

uAnatomy creates and sells educational products that brings science to life!  Through the wonderful stimulating medium  of medical art    

Baby Development eBook

You & Your Growing Baby: A Week by Week Pregnancy Guide, an illustrated and written account of the astonishing changes in the womb and in the lives of expecting parents.
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Human muscle and skeletal anatomy posters

Our human anatomy posters are a giant size for maximum visual impact and learning potential.

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Our week-by-week baby development ebook

Information written by consultant & Midwife Chris Just with Platinum Award Winning medicla illustrations by Joanna Culley.

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Foetal Development and Pregnancy Anatomy Charts

The anatomy charts include a huge range of medical illustrations that cover foetal and pregnancy development created to show the amazing development.

We provide culturally diverse anatomy posters of foetal development and pregnancy that represent people of colour.

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General Manager, Godalming Leisure Centre.
“The posters from uAnatomy were a fantastic tool for our Personal Trainers to refer to when training clients. The posters are large enough to be a centre piece for our gym wall and a real focus point for our members to learn what muscle groups they can work to get definition and tone in different areas, the posters really helped bring the exercises to life. All of our members and Personal Trainers found them very educational and enjoy having something so detailed to refer to.”
Head of Biology, Newent Community School
"These posters are so beautifully drawn that they attract students to them. They are helpful in stimulating discussion and launching both KS4 and KS5 lessons about human morphology and physiology. There is currently strong emphasis on exercise and fitness in our syllabus, so these posters are a welcome addition to our resources. Every year we have gifted artists that also study biology and they are particularly interested in this use of artistic talent.”