License 2. Publishing Books (inc print & digital versions) - Not Available to Purchase

You cannot purchase this image for use in marketing as defined below and you must not circumvent this by obtaining the image file by buying a licence for an alternative use then actually using it for some other use.

Using the medical image within a 'book' including using the image within the cover design of the book.

The image or images licensed from this site must not constitute the primary content of the book (for example an anatomy picture book). The definition of book includes both printed and digital books. A single license will cover both the digital and printed version of the same book. A single license will cover multiple editions of the same book.

You must have separate licenses for the use of an image for each book with a different title.

If the licensed image is used on the front or back cover, as a whole or in part, a credit to must be included within the book's credits page. If the licensed image is used on the cover of the book, the image of the book's cover may be used in any marketing for that book only without the need for an additional marketing license(1.).